Training for the Athletic Festival

And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body by: Kurokawa Tenri

Translations from Kahoim

(Light Novel)

Characters in this part:

Aika: A girl who possessed a wicked girl’s body after her death.

Mikoshiba: A member of the student council with a huge appetite.

Random Students: Student to fill in dialogue.

(Note: names labeled in beginning to make dialogue make sense for the scene)


“Are you interested in judo?” [Mikoshiba]

“I want to see it sometime.” [Aika]

“I do judo after school so feel free to come watch.”

“Really? I thought I would start jogging to prepare for the athletic festival but maybe it’s better for me to build up my muscles?”

After I said that Mikoshiba-kun stood up and stared down at me.

“I think rather than building muscles you should gain some leaping power maybe? Since you’re participating in the bread eating contest.”

Once he opened his mouth he wouldn’t stop.

That’s right. No matter how fast I can run or how much physical strength I obtain, the only skill needed for the bread eating contest is jumping power.



“How is this jumping power?”

As I was holding the onigiri I jumped right from where I was standing. It didn’t feel like my view changed at all, I wonder if it will it be okay with only this much jumping power?

“Try it one more time. This time with all your might.”

He held my onigiri and bread for me, and this time I raised my arms as I jumped with all of my strength. How about that!

“That’s no good. Don’t lean forward when you jump. Here, look at this and aim towards it.”

He raised a hot dog over my head.

Oooh, could this be a full-blown practice for the bread eating contest? Since I have this chance I’ll try my best.


“Again. Move your arms more.”

“Yes, master!”

I jumped again and again, opening my mouth and aiming for the hot dog. This is pretty difficult. It could just be my imagination but Mikoshiba-kun looks like he’s enjoying this.

I could almost reach it but not quite, it seems like I need more practice. I think I’ll try asking Yuuya-kun for help at home.

But still, although I’ve been jumping over and over again I haven’t had any spasms, it’s pretty amazing to have a body that can exercise!

“What are the two of you doing?”

“Is this a new type of bullying? Mikoshiba seems to be enjoying dangling the bread over her.”

“No, it seems like this girl is just frantically trying to jump and doesn’t seem like she hates it. Rather than that…..”

「「「I want to be in Mikoshiba’s position—」」」

End of Scene


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