Stage 17: The Goblin Trail

Anthea could feel her head pounding as she slept. She then began to see the scenery of the flower field from the dream she had on the night her village was attacked. Anthea stared in awe at the flowers and then saw the green meadow dragon land before her. Just like before she felt no fear, just amazement. Anthea reached out toward the green meadow dragon and surprisingly the green meadow dragon sniffed her hand and then pressed its long snout against her extended hand.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Anthea recognized the voice…it was the same voice she heard before in the dream. It was a soothing voice that made her heart calm.

“I’m not,” stated Anthea as she caressed the snout of the meadow dragon. The meadow dragon purred like a cat at Anthea’s touch.

Anthea’s wrist was suddenly held making her look at the blonde haired youth of her dream. He held her wrist with a smile and then released her wrist before climbing onto the meadow dragon’s neck. He held his hand to her saying, “I will never let you go.”

Anthea stared at the boy as she reached toward his extended hand, but she suddenly felt a jolt and awoke.

When she opened her eyes, she could feel her whole form rocking. Anthea sat up with a groan placing a hand to the back of her neck. It still stung, but it wasn’t as bad, but she could still feel her head pounding from the effects of the drug.

Anthea suddenly noticed her surroundings and soon realized that she was in a wooden cage that was being carried by two muscular Goblins that resembled more like Ogres. Anthea placed her hands on the wooden bars only to feel her hand burn and rip her hand away. She saw the redness in her hand and then stared at the bars. These bars were made from Hell Wood, wood from the underworld, which was hard to come by. Even Anthea had a hard time getting this wood when it was needed for Hero missions and yet these goblins were able to obtain it, but she knew that the Hell Wood had a weakness: Holy Metal. Anthea tried to pull a Holy based weapon from her inventory, but found that she couldn’t. In fact, she couldn’t call her inventory into view.

“Give it up Hero.”

Anthea flinched at the rough voice that spoke realizing that one of the muscular goblins carrying the cage spoke.

“Your powers have been sealed.”


            Anthea glanced at herself and then realized that on the back of her hand was the crest of a lion with its mouth wide open. Anthea recognized this seal. It was a curse that sealed all special attacks and could only be removed with an Expert Elixir. It was a high leveled curse and these low leveled goblins should not be able to case such a curse. She also remembered that this curse shouldn’t seal the inventory, so it made her wonder if another glitch was into play.

Anthea suddenly took notice of Sky, Geronimo, and Hazel, but they were tied by their hands and feet, still unconscious, and looked like pigs ready to be cooked as they were dangled from wooden sticks being held by walking goblins. Just the sight made Anthea uneasy.

Anthea stared at one of the muscular goblins holding her cage and, counting on luck, asked a question.

“Where are you taking us?”

“Back to the village.”

“The Goblin Village?”

“That’s right.”

Anthea clenched her fists knowing that Goblins had a taste for human flesh and it didn’t take her long to realize what they planned to do with her and her companions when they reached the village.

“Are we your feast?”

“I would love to say yes, but we plan to get all the heroes before we FEAST.”

Anthea gulped feeling her form tremble. They were not going to be eaten right away, but later on. She just hoped that all the heroes wouldn’t be captured.

“We’re here!”

Anthea perked up and saw a wide village in view. It was surrounded by a barrier, but the goblins walked through it as if it were nothing. As Anthea went through the barrier, she felt a chill run down her back. The barrier was indeed strong to affect her this much.

As the goblins walked, Anthea noticed other goblins walking through the village with lots of loot most likely taken from unsuspecting NPCs, but what nearly made her gag was the sight of a human body being sliced up on a wooden board like a pig. Anthea looked away realizing that the game had been becoming more realistic lately to the point that she felt sick.

The goblins carrying her cage suddenly dumped her cage down and then walked off. Anthea sighed and looked at her surroundings once again. She saw the her companions were now in cages, but were still tied, but at least they were no longer dangling. She just hoped that they wake up soon.

She noticed that there were some goblins guarding the area where she was imprisoned along with her companions and saw that they held high ranking weapons that they shouldn’t wield.

Where did they get these weapons?

            Anthea shook her head and began to look around her cage making sure not to touch the bars.

“There must be a way out.”

“If there is, I haven’t found it yet.”

Anthea gasped at the sudden sound of a female voice, but she recognized it somehow. She glanced above her cage and was shocked to see a girl with ruby colored long hair dangling from rope tied around her slender wrists. She wore no shoes, but had ankle bracelets made from gold. Her clothes were light pink Arabian design and the fabric wrapped around her arms were transparent revealing tattoos of flowers and dragons. She wore a gold tiara with a green ruby. Her eyes were crimson and her lips the same color. Her skin looked soft as well.

In Anthea’s eyes, this girl looked like a princess, but Anthea recognized this girl for she had sold her items during her NPC days.

“The Dancer Hero?”

The girl smirked at Anthea.

“Call me Sapphire, Darling. Times have changed in our world after all.”

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