Chapter 53: Evil Twin…definitely a pervert

I thought my only problem today with Theodore would be trying to find an alternative animal for Theodore to make into a familiar, so I can change into my fox form whenever I wished, but now I have a new problem: Theodore has an alternate personality I call Evil Twin and he is trying to make me make a deal with him…my luck today totally sucks.

I am currently being dragged through the woods by an Anaconda that is being controlled by Evil Twin. Seriously, where is he taking me?

Oh, looks like we reached a cave…was that always there? I was dragged into that cave and the next thing I knew I was being dangled upside down facing Evil Twin.

“Now Laveda, how about making a deal…”

“I refuse. Give back Big Brother.”

Looks like Evil Twin was annoyed that I interrupted him. He nodded at the snake and then I was dangled…OVER BOILING WATER? Where did that come from? Even for a hot spring this is too much. I can practically smell it burning.

“Now how about…?”

“I still refuse. Definitely refuse, but don’t dunk me. Big brother, big brother come out please!”

Evil twin glared at me and then grabbed a clump of my hair giving it a tug.

“Look Laveda. I don’t appreciate you interrupting me and don’t call that weakling.”

“Big Brother isn’t a weakling.”

I really feel like I want to cry.

Evil twin’s look looks really scary right now. He clenched my hair as he began to speak again.

“I just want you to make a deal with me. If you do then I can grant all your wishes.”

“I don’t want anything I haven’t earned myself.”

I mean what I said. I have been working hard to prevent the disaster flag from my future, even though I’m not sure if I really changed my future or not. If I can change it with a demon’s deal then my hard work would mean nothing, so no thank you on that demon deal.

Evil Twin looks really pissed now.

“Just make the deal with me. I want that power. I want it all!”

Evil Twin began to pull my face toward his…toward his lips? KYAHHH! I refuse! I don’t want my first kiss to be with this guy.

“STOP STRUGGLING! Hold her tighter.”


“I’m just trying to force the deal on you.”

“THAT DOES’T MAKE IT ANY BETTER! Let go! Pervert. Enemy of all women!”

Evil Twin is really trying hard to connect our lips. I won’t let him. TAKE THIS!

I made the boiling water rise and soaked Evil Twin’s back. Evil Twin screamed in pain finally releasing me, while the snake looked on in concern. Serves Evil Twin right for trying to steal my lips. I just hope Theodore wasn’t harmed too…maybe he was since they share the same body. I will apologize to you later Theodore.

“This power…”

I spray water onto him and then on the anaconda. The anaconda screeched in pain and then tossed me into the air. I used my wind to catch my form and then raced toward the exit of the cave. Have to get away. Have to get away.

SHOOT, I was suddenly tackled from behind.

“I won’t let you get away!”

EKKKK! Evil Twin won’t let me go. I am throwing wind, water, earth…practically all my talents at him, but he refuses to let go. Just how tough is this guy? His lips are getting closer…CHI! My wind exploded around me and Chi kicked Evil Twin away from me. Evil twin tumbled on the ground toward the boiling water, but the anaconda blocked his path with its long tail. Evil Twin wiped the dirt from his cheek glaring in my direction with Chi standing in front of me in a protective stance.

“A dragon…no, that is a manifestation. You are a Legendary Mage Class?”

“You know the term?”

Evil twin nodded and then smirked saying, “I really want that power now.” The next thing I knew, Evil twin began to glow and the anaconda behind him began to expand. OH MY GOSH, IT’S TURNING INTO A MONSTER! The cave’s walls collapsed as the snake expanded forcing me to rush out of the cave with Chi in my arms.

The moment I was outside, the giant anaconda burst from the roof of the cave and hissed in my direction. On top of his head was Evil Twin with a sadistic smirk on his face.

I am ashamed to admit that I nearly wet my pants at the sight of this huge snake. I apologize to all the people I pranked using snakes.

The snake hissed as Evil twin began to speak.

“Look here Laveda. You’re a smart girl. I know you don’t want to die, so how about making the deal with me and move along with your life.”

“I refuse,” I stated as my form began to shake. I was seriously scared.

Evil twin frowned and stated, “Then I guess your life ends here.”

OH MY GOSH! The snake is getting closer. Please don’t eat me. I am not very tasty.

“You still have a chance to make the deal with me.”

“I thought you said my life ends now.”

“I’m giving you another chance.”


“Ah come on.”

Evil twin sounds frustrated. Kyaah! I had to dodge the bite of the snake that time. How is he able to control this snake anyway? Kyahh! Oh, I saw a familiar mark on the roof of the snake’s mouth, so this snake is the evil twin’s familiar. Kyahh! Stop trying to eat me!


Looks like Chi got pissed and kicked the chin of the snake. The snake actually gasped in pain and tossed Evil twin off his head. Evil twin landed on the ground clicking his tongue.

“Meddlesome pet,” muttered Evil twin and then ran toward me yelling, “I want that power!” KYAHHH! I used my wind talent to send Evil Twin flying into a tree.

I should run away, but Theodore is inside Evil Twin, so I should release him somehow. He is my Big Brother after all.


…I recognize that cute coo. HOLD CRUD, why is Hachiko crawling this way? Where is mother? Weren’t you supposed to be watching over him?


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