Chapter 25: Eve’s Missing

The sun seeped through the opened window of the office as Chronos and Kale continued to slumber. Chronos turned in his sleep and then reached toward the area where Eve should be sleeping. He felt no contact and immediately flung his eyes open, seeing no sign of Eve next to him. Chronos shot up and then yelled out, “Eve is gone!”

Kale woke up abruptly and sat up only to be hit by a dizzy spell.

“My head,” muttered Kale and then noticed the discarded metal bottle. He lifted it up and then cursed under his breath.

“Looks like we were drugged,” stated Kale as Chronos began to search around the room in a panic. Kale immediately looked out the opened window and saw that the fire escape was destroyed on the ground.

Kale cursed under his breath and then looked at Chronos seriously saying, “We need to let the others know.” Chronos nodded, but when his eyes landed on Kale he burst out, “Your calligraphy looks like a curse.” Kale immediately punched Chronos in the nose making Chronos gasp out in pain. Kale groaned saying, “Keep your eyes shut.” Chronos nodded as he cradled his bleeding nose.

Kale opened the door only to be tackled in the stomach by Tanpopo, who was giggling and saying, “Good morning!” Kale hunched over gripping his stomach as Tanpopo looked around with excited eyes calling for Eve repeatedly. When she noticed Eve’s absence, she looked at Kale and Chronos and asked, “Where is Eve? Did she go to relieve herself?”

Kale stood up and stated, “She’s missing. Most likely kidnapped.”


Kale nodded, but flinched when he saw Tanpopo’s look grow dark.

“Who kidnapped her?” asked Tanpopo and Kale could have sworn that a dark energy was beginning to surround her, but he also heard a rumbling making his nervousness grow. He rushed to Tanpopo saying, “Calm down, Tanpopo. We just need to speak with Theo and he can get Eve back for us.” Tanpopo perked up as the rumbling stopped and then smiled saying, “You’re right. Theo should know how to get Eve back.”

Tanpopo ran out of the room saying, “I’ll get Theo, so Eve and I can play together.”

The moment Tanpopo was gone, Kale heaved out a sigh of relief and then looked at Chronos saying, “Let’s go before she gets back.” Chronos nodded in agreement and then they both left the room in search of their other companions.

Meanwhile, David and Adler were walking in the halls after a nice long sleep. Adler gave out a yawn saying, “It was kind of nice to have a peaceful sleep without worrying that someone is going to come and eat your brains.”

David nodded in agreement, but he suddenly frowned and stated, “It was nice, but I am a little peeved that Eve decided to stay with Kale for the night.”

“That’s true,” stated Adler with a frown, but his frown vanished when he saw Ivan approaching with wrapped cheese breads in his arms.

“Breakfast! Ivan you are my savior,” cheered Adler immediately swiping one of the breads and began to feast on it with bliss on his face. Ivan chuckled saying, “Considering all the crap we’ve been through, I guess even this bread would be considered heaven.” Ivan then handed a wrapped bread to David.

David took the bread giving thanks, but before he could open it, it was snatched from his hand by none other than Kohaku, who immediately began to feast on the bread.

“When did you get here, Kohaku?” demanded David with an obvious angered tone. Kohaku swallowed the bread piece in his mouth and stated, “I just got here, David.”

Kohaku took another bite from the bread he swiped from David. David looked ready to kill, but Ivan immediately presented him with another bread to calm him down. Not taking any chances, David devoured the bread in his hand and then licked the crumbs from his thumb.

Ivan looked at the three remaining bread in his hands and stated, “Now to find, Kale, Chronos, and Eve.” Ivan was about to run off, but he was immediately tackled in the stomach making him drop the bread and then keel over in pain.

“Ivan?” exclaimed David in concern, but then noticed that Tanpopo shaking her head after her impact with Ivan.


Tanpopo saw David and the others and greeted them, but immediately began to run off saying, “Love to talk, but I have to get Theo to get Eve back.”

Before Tanpopo could take another step, she was lifted by the back of her shirt by Adler and dangled in front of him.

“What do you mean get Theo to get Eve back? Is Eve with him?”

Tanpopo shook her head and stated, “Kale said that Eve was kidnapped, so I am getting Theo to get her back.” Adler and David felt like they were struck by lightning at the news, while Kohaku groaned and Ivan stood up in confusion at the news.

“Are you serious?” demanded Adler. Tanpopo nodded and managed to break free from Adler saying, “Now bye, bye.” With those words, Tanpopo was out of sight.

Adler crutched his knuckles saying, “Kale was supposed to protect her and yet she got kidnapped. Who kidnapped Eve?”

David frowned and stated, “We’ll find out after we locate Kale and Chronos.” David, Ivan, Adler, and Kohaku then made it their mission to locate Kale and Chronos to discover what had happened to Eve.

On the other hand, Theo was in his office writing detailed notes in a notebook, but these notes had nothing to do with the survival of the dome, but how to keep User 45 in hi custody. He considered bribing her companions to stay in the dome with the promise of safety, but as he thought about Eve spending more time with her companions, he felt a twisting feeling in his stomach, so he then decided that for her stay, he also had to make her companions…disappear. He considered brainwashing her to believe that he was her only true companion, but then he remembered that his power of reading minds had no effect on her and he had no clue on how to make it affect her, so that plan was also discarded. So much planning to keep HIS User 45 near.

Theo snapped out of his thoughts, when his door swung open and the chipper voice of Tanpopo called his name. Theo, in truth, was annoyed by the sudden appearance of Tanpopo, but he forced a smile as he greeted her. Tanpopo ran to him and then tugged on his sleeve saying, “Theo, can you get Eve back?”

“Get Eve back? From where?” asked Theo clearly puzzled by Tanpopo’s words.

“I don’t know, but Kale said she was kidnapped, so can you locate her with your power?”

Theo felt like he was struck by lightning. Eve, User 45, was kidnapped from right under his nose. Tanpopo asked him to locate her, but his power wouldn’t be able to find Eve, since she was immune to his power.

Theo forced a smile on his face and stated, “I’ll find her, so you just go play with Kenji.” Tanpopo nodded and then ran out of the room.

The moment she was gone, Theo frowned and slammed his hand on his desk.

Who took her? Who would take…Eve mentioned that the dome was broken into by two faction leaders…maybe one of them took her.

Theo smirked giving out a chuckle.

“Looks like it is time to make a little visit to the faction leaders.”

Theo began to chuckle like he had lost his sanity.

User 45…User 45…you are mine.

Area 40 Facility

Staff: 90 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Users: 8 (Alive) 8 (Dead) 29 (Unknown)

Genome Detention Center

Staff: 90 (Dead?) 0 (Alive)

Prisoners: 5 (Alive) 50 (Dead?)


Staff: 50 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Students: 2 (Alive) 140 (Dead)

Earth Dome Faction

Members: 70 (Alive) 0 (Dead)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)

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