Angelic Weapon


(image from Pixabay)

temporary image until I make an official one

Eve, a User with the power to summon weapons that last for five minutes, wakes up in a world infested with zombies. She can fight the normal zombies, but the Jogus, Users that have become zombies, are more challenging to kill. Eve must find out what caused the outbreak, while protecting herself and discovering who she can trust.

Updated on Tuesday

Note: There is violence and some suggested themes, but nothing too extreme…kind of.

Chapter 1: Trapped
Chapter 2: First Town
Chapter 3: School
Chapter 4: Daybreak
Chapter 5: Desert
Chapter 6: Desert Hideout
Chapter 7: A Twist
Chapter 8: Hallucination
Chapter 9: Chronos’s Story
Chapter 10: Freedom
Chapter 11: Chronos’s Power
Chapter 12: A Short Walk
Chapter 13: Ramp
Chapter 14: Town of Factions
Chapter 15: Strong Faction
Chapter 16: The Earth Dome
Chapter 17: Tanpopo’s Attachment
Chapter 18: Eve’s Sickness?
Chapter 19: The Talk?
Chapter 20: Faction Leaders
Chapter 21: An Unexpected Attack
Chapter 22: Kenji’s Assistance
Chapter 23: Theo’s Infatuation
Chapter 24: Eve’s Worries
Chapter 25: Eve’s Missing
Chapter 26: Strong Faction’s Test
Chapter 27: Looking for Eve
Chapter 28: Forced Girl Talk
Chapter 29: Kenji’s Past
Chapter 30: Exodia’s Friend
Chapter 31: Eve’s Friends Arrival
Chapter 32: Gene’s Guilt
Chapter 33: Strong Faction’s Test Once Again
Chapter 34: Crisis in the Underground Garage
Chapter 35: Reunited
Chapter 36: The Underground School Lab
Chapter 37: Dr. Ciel’s Lab

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