Chapter 11: Is the Storm getting worst?

I sat in the room in Starfire Inn with an opened book in my hand and Bibi was out of my teddy bear and roaming around the room jiggling around. He is so cute! I wonder why Bibi is on the sofa rubbing against the fabric like a cat. It really is cute. I want to pet him, but I must attempt to read this book as much as I can before Sensei returns and Cecil arrives. Cecil is pretty far from town, so it might take him until nightfall to reach here and Sensei mentioned that the tutoring starts at noon, so he should be back soon. I am really excited about being tutored since I always wanted Sensei to be my teacher ever since I played the Otome game back in my previous life.

All my teachers in my previous life were women or old men, none of them were ever handsome or as kind as Sensei in the game. Being tutored by him is a dream come true. I better get out of Lala land and continue to study…translate this book.

This book really is difficult to read and it is supposed to teach a new language. When I learn this language, I am making a translation book for it for future readers. Basically I plan to make a Rosetta Stone in my style.

I heard thunder clash outside the window and I couldn’t help, but flinch. This storm is getting stronger. I wonder if Sensei, Shuya, and Ebina could even get back unharmed. I mustn’t have negative thoughts, but I am worried. They do have those water umbrellas, but what would happen if the place started to flood, they would get wet and the wind outside would make them freeze.

I closed the book and then placed Bibi’s jiggling form back in my teddy bear. I really don’t want them to get sick, so I better make them something: a nice warm meal. I mentioned that I cooked in the woods, but in my previous life, I took a part-time job as a cook in a small family restaurant. I remember the smiles of the people who ate my cooking, such good times.

I asked permission to use the kitchen to make a meal and the cook of the Inn was nice enough to let me use the kitchen. I placed Bibi in a nearby chair and then I rolled up my sleeves and tied back my long white hair. As a cook, I must prevent any clothes from touching the ingredients and the hair must be kept away from the fire. The apron the kitchen had was a little too big for me, so I tied a cloth around my wait and shoulders as a makeshift apron. This should do and now for the ingredients. During cold days I would eat Chili with a grilled cheese sandwich, but cream soup might be nice too. All right, the meal will be a cup of chili with cream soap and a grilled cheese sandwich…just thinking about it is making my mouth water. I’ll make my share as well.

Let’s see, there is milk, cheese, some chili peppers, spices, bread, butter, oh there is some chicken breast in the wooden fridge. I’ll add that to the soup and maybe a little bit in the grilled cheese sandwich to add a bit more protein. I really want to eat it now. All right, all the ingredients are gathered and I have enough cooking equipment to do this. Time to start.

♪Cut the vegetables, season the chicken, season the sauce, place the cheese on the bread, do all this together and you will have a meal♪…shoot I ended up making a stupid meal song and it is just making me hungry. I must focus on cooking…Bibi don’t eat that slice of cheese!

After almost an hour, the meal was complete. The aroma of the soup and chili were divine and the grilled cheese was a perfect brown. I am so proud of myself that I made this meal and this should warm up Sensei and the others. Well, time to eat my share.

“Young lady!”

I visibly flinched and looked over my shoulder. It was the cook of the Inn. He was staring at me…no…he was staring at the food I just made. There’s a glint of fascination in his eyes. Before I knew it, he had taken a bite of one of the grilled cheese with chicken sandwiches. He had a look as if he had just tasted heaven. He then tasted the soup and chili and gave out a satisfied sigh. His gaze landed on me and there was a smile on his face…I have a bad feeling.

How did it turn out like this? I am now making more servings of grilled cheese, chili, and cream soup with servants taking out the finished dishes to the dining area of the restaurant. I’m being forced to cook!

I didn’t expect this. I just wanted to make a meal for Sensei and the others, but I am now working my butt off to feed the other guests of the restaurant. This is child labor! I know child labor isn’t illegal here, but I did have plans to get tutored today…I wonder how much I will get for cooking? This is still hard work. Save me Sensei!

I was about to fill another bowl with Chili, but I suddenly heard a familiar voice say my name. I looked over my shoulder and saw Sensei standing before the door. I dropped the ladle and ran to Sensei. I wrapped my arms around him saying how much I missed him and I also begged to be saved from the kitchen. Sensei patted my head with a smile and then knelt to my level and asked, “Why were you in the kitchen in the first place?”

“I wanted to make a warm meal for you, Shuya, and Ebina because I thought you would be cold after returning from your destination, but I didn’t think I would be cooking so much.”

Sensei chuckled and patted my head saying, “Thank you for your consideration and don’t think of this situation as a punishment.” Sensei then ushered me out of the kitchen and then pointed toward the dining area. The people in the dining area were eating my food and they were smiling as they ate. I also saw Shuya savoring the Chili, while Ebina nibbled on the cheese sandwich, for once she doesn’t look like a devil. There were so many smiles.

“The food you made is making everyone happy, so be happy, Laveda,” stated Sensei with a warm smile on his face. I smiled and held Sensei’s hand. I’m so glad I cooked, but…

“Can I still be tutored after the meal?”

“Of course.”

I smiled at his reply, but then I heard the thunder roar outside making me visibly flinch. That sound was way too close for comfort. I guess Sensei noticed my uneasiness and the next thing I knew, I was lifted off the ground and held in his arms.


“There’s no need to be scared. I’m right here, Laveda.”

I felt my face get hot. He really is cute, no wonder he was a capture target. Uh oh, I’m starting to feel a chill run down my back. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Ebina, the witch, glaring daggers at me. SHE’S SCARY AGAIN! I want to hug Sensei to have some form of protection, but I think Ebina just might kill me if I do that.

The door of the Inn suddenly flew open and at first I thought the wind had blown through the doors and I gave out a quick scream. I know I am an adult in my mind, but storms like these are scary! Sensei hugged me and hugged him back. That witch could kill me, but I need some form of comfort, so bring it on you witch!


Wait a minute, I know that voice. I glanced toward the door and saw a familiar figure standing at the door dripping wet: Cecil. He sure got here fast. I’m relieved he seems unharmed.


“You know him?” asked Sensei. I nodded with a smile, but when I looked back at Cecil, his form looked dark like he was about to be possessed. Why does he look like that? He seems very angry and he is looking my way. Did I do something wrong? Wait a minute, he’s not exactly glaring at me…he is glaring at…Sensei? I looked at Cecil’s line of sight and he was indeed glaring at Sensei. Why is Cecil glaring at Sensei?

Cecil stomped toward us and the next thing I knew, his foot had connected to Sensei’s shin. Sensei gasped in pain and dropped me, but Cecil caught me in his arms glaring at Sensei.

“Don’t touch Laveda.”

CECIL WHAT DID YOU DO?  Poor Sensei could be seriously hurt considering how strong you are. Why did you attack Sensei? I managed to get out of Cecil’s arms and went to Sensei’s side. Sensei was kneeling on the ground shaking in pain. I glared at Cecil and muttered, “You’re mean.”

Cecil froze at my words, but then he was shaking and glaring at Sensei and I think he was muttering curses under his breath. Cecil is even angrier now and I don’t know why. Ebina is also heading toward us, but she is glaring daggers at me. I don’t like this atmosphere! MAKE THE STORM STOP!

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