Manga Recommendations X

Manga Hunter here! I am making more manga recommendations and these are game based, in other words, the plot moves because they play games.

Shion no Ou by: KATORI Masaru & Ando Jiro

shion no ou 

(image from Baka-Updates)

Yasuoka Shion lost her parents, and her voice, when she was young…in a murder. She was found amidst a blood-soaked room, and the only hint for the suspect was a Shougi board and one piece: the King. Now, Shion steps into the world of female professional Shougi players. As her popularity and fame slowly rises, so do the questions about her past, particularly the murder case that was never solved.

(summary from Baka-Updates)

This manga is driven by Shougi, but besides the game being the driving force there is also mystery about the main character’s past and why she doesn’t speak. There is a happy ending and this was made into an anime, but I have yet to see it, since I was hooked with the manga first. There is also hints of romance and cuteness in this manga.

Nanamaru Sanbatsu by: SUGIMOTO Ikura

 Nanamaru Sanbatsu

(image from Baka-Updates)

Question: What is the format of competitive quiz bowls, called “golden rule” by truly able players? Answer: 7 Right 3 Wrong Explanation: It means that one wins when he gets seven correct answers, or gets disqualifed when he gives three incorrect answers. It’s a standard rule loved by competitive quiz bowl players.

(summary from Baka-Updates)

Time to test your smarts with this manga since the driving force game is Quiz Bowls. I found this manga to be quite informative in revealing some of the answers in the quiz bowl, but it also involved comedy as well with some answers being hilarious or the main character just trying to figure out the answer by remembering the books he read. It hasn’t been updated for a while, but I still have hope that I will see the next chapter of this series. This is licensed, but I still have yet to see a new chapter.

Those are my recommendations for now and as always, please support the creators of the work and the translators when you can.

Recently Got Into XXIII

Manga Hunter here! I have started reading this light novel and I can say that I am enjoying it, especially since I have a soft spot for kind hearted girls.

Astarte’s Knight by: Murakami Takashi

My life of being continually abused by my parents ended when I was 18.

The next time I opened my eyes, what awaited me was my life as the lowest class of demon “Ghoul”, protecting one of hell’s castles, Astarte Castle.
The lowest class of demon, “Ghoul”, was my new life.
I was scorned by the demons in the castles for being such a weak, low ranked monster.
But my fate was changed when I met the castle lord’s daughter, Astarte (age 10).

(summary from Xant & Minions)

I really enjoyed this light novel. The main character guy has a lot of issues from his previous life and his current life, but he still has a somewhat kind heart and I like his interactions with the little girl. I hope for more chapters in the future.

That’s it for now. As always, please support the creators of the work and the translators when you can.